The speakers were unanimous in predicting that the new government will need to overcome some very significant challenges and make some considerable compromises on their current “red line” positions to be able to secure an EU Trade deal. But they were also unanimous that the current situation is creating opportunities for health technology, so it was not all doom and gloom.

Providers say that times have never been as challenging for them as they are now, and so it is no wonder that healthcare is very much one of the new government’s non-Brexit priorities. “SoS” sub-priorities were identified as being prevention, workforce and technology and infrastructure.

Significant legislative steps are being taken to make progress in these sub-priorities. The newly announced NHS Funding Bill enshrines funding to realise the objectives of the Long Term Plan. The incoming NHS People Plan, which mandates that providers must take definitive actions to prevent staff burnout and in so doing improve performance, is possibly the biggest concern for NHS bosses today. The in-preparation Medicines and Medical Devices Bill will describe new regulations for innovation, introduce a new independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review, and provide more clarity about clinical trials and stakeholder responsibilities.

Will this legislature bring about change on the ground for patients and providers? We will have to wait and see. It was highlighted that many of the new MPs have strong healthcare interests, with many formerly working as clinicians or in health policy and communications, so perhaps there will be greater drive than ever before to make things happen.

In any case, the challenges and changes facing the healthcare sector can create opportunities for the healthcare technology sector. We at JB Medical can help you make the most of these opportunities.