We provide expert advice and support to achieve market access in healthcare

JB Medical is an established healthcare market access consultancy that uses the tools of health economics, disease modelling and evidence-based medicine to effectively communicate the roles and benefits of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and other healthcare innovations within a cost-constrained healthcare environment

The tension resulting from ever-increasing demands upon healthcare systems to provide access to innovative medicines with finite or diminishing means that it has never been more important to be able to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of new treatments.
Appropriate research and health economic analysis must be clearly communicated to key decision makers to ensure identification of resources to drive change in clinical practice and so achieve marketing success.

Understanding the evidence around your product, competitors and the disease area is crucial for you to be able to define and deliver your brand strategy and identify any evidence gaps.
JB Medical are experts in identifying evidence and advising on strategic direction.
Thanks to our detailed understanding of clinical, economic and market access agendas, coupled with our in-house ability to implement recommended analytical strategies, we are able to ensure that products reach the market with the best possible opportunities to meet the needs of both regulatory bodies and healthcare providers.

Case studies

  • We provide support and advice to companies making new acquisitions. A recent client was considering licensing in a new oncology drug that had yet to pass through European licensing.
    We carried out a comprehensive review of the evidence and provided an assessment of the likely probability of the product achieving European Medicines Agency (EMA) approval. We also assessed the potential hurdles the drug would be likely to encounter in national HTA processes.

  • Based on our analysis, the client was able to return to the drug development company and negotiate more favourable terms for the licensing agreement. We subsequently worked with our client to develop submissions to both EMA and HTA bodies, which ultimately resulted in successful European market access. Systematic literature reviews are essential to identify relevant evidence.

  • A recent client needed to understand the predictive value of an outcome measure, in order to guide clinical trial development. We carried out a systematic literature review with an evidence map to provide them with advice. Using an evidence map, an interactive spreadsheet showing all studies identified by abstract screening, indexed by topic, made the process simpler and more transparent.
    At the point of bringing a new product to market, identification of the most appropriate patient groups may determine ultimate commercial success.

  • We recently worked with a client to review the evidence associated with a drug in their portfolio, to help them understand the optimum positioning and to pinpoint the areas where evidence gaps potentially threatened this opportunity.
    Based on our detailed evidence gap analysis, our client was able to re-define their post-phase III research programme, in order to ensure that all the necessary data were in place at the point of launch.

Health Technology Appraisal is a key stage in gaining market access and you will need to generate evidence to support your submissions.
JB Medical understand the needs of HTA organisations and our extensive in-house experience of disease modelling, clinical effectiveness appraisal and health economic analysis provide you with the complete array of expertise required to develop the most robust clinical and economic evidence.

Case studies

  • A recent client had acquired an ultra-orphan product that offered significant advantages in a rare oncological condition affecting children.
    By the nature of the disease, the available evidence base was very limited, with no direct comparative studies versus the current standard of care. After a comprehensive review of the literature we were able to identify the optimum method to generate indirect comparative data for submission to an HTA body.
    We recommended the use of a Matching Adjusted Indirect Comparison (MAIC), a technique that even allows non-comparative studies to be integrated within an evidence network.
    We were able to satisfy regulators that the approach adopted was valid, which ultimately resulted in a positive recommendation.

  • Whilst there are broad economic modelling approaches which can be used across a wide range of indications, there will always be specific challenges that present problems in the course of an HTA submission.
    A recent client was trying to secure HTA approval for a high cost, low volume drug that had been shown to have a major short-term benefit for children with a rare complication of haematological malignancy.
    The rareness of the disease, coupled with high baseline mortality rates, however, meant that long-term survival data were entirely lacking from the literature for either the new or existing therapy options. Based on a detailed review of the literature, we were able to identify a number of analogous conditions for which long term data were available.
    Using complex statistical modelling processes, we were able to integrate the short term data with a plausible long term survival profile. We were able to explore the uncertainties inherent in this approach sufficiently rigorously that we were able to convince HTA bodies in multiple countries that the new treatment represented a cost effective intervention

  • Clients will often be in the position of having to use an economic model developed internationally to support HTA submissions in multiple countries.
    A recent client was responsible for launching a product in Europe that was already available in the USA, supported by a US-based cost utility model.
    In order to make the submissions acceptable to European HTA bodies, we took the existing model and adapted it to reflect a range of different care pathways, as well as sourcing and updating nationally-relevant input parameters for patient characteristics, costs and utilities.
    The result was a range of models that secured product adoption across six European countries.

Communicating your product’s value to policy makers, payors and prescribers is crucial for market access.
JB Medical understands the needs of each customer and is experienced in effectively communicating a product’s value to each audience.
We believe that medical writing should ‘tell a story’ and be backed up by the relevant evidence-base.
We have strong medical writing expertise with considerable experience in building credible and compelling clinical and health economic messages.

Case studies

  • Value messages are important to focus the audience on what really matters, where your product fits and the value that it brings.
    We have developed value messages across numerous disease areas, often for challenging markets. The value messages form the basis of a Global Value Dossier, which contains all the information required for HTA and market access.
    These documents can be vast and cumbersome to use. We recently updated and rewrote an existing Global Value Dossier, making it easier to use and identify relevant information for HTA.

  • We have worked on many HTA dossiers, within the UK and Europe, with a particular focus on NICE submissions.
    We provide a fully referenced document for submission, written succinctly, with the value messages included within the dossier. We work closely with HTA bodies and respond to clarification questions and draft guidance.

  • The use of budget impact models is a vital tool to support market access.
    A recent client was faced with a challenge that the acquisition price of their product was considerably greater than that of currently used products.
    Based on their own clinical trials, published patient pathways and input from key clinicians we were able to develop a core model that demonstrated the cost offsets available with the new approach.
    Epidemiological data were then combined with organisation-specific age-sex profiles to allow potential users to understand the specific savings achievable within their own health economy.
    The resulting model was then used in face-to-face interactions between the sales team and purchasers and has secured adoption of the new product within key NHS hospital providers.

  • We are experienced in writing and providing editorial support for peer review publications and have written over 80 peer review papers and provided support for many more.
    Access to our extensive expert network can create opportunities to collaborate with renowned authorities in the field.
    Furthermore, our considerable in-house marketing experience ensures that your positioning needs are central to the publication plan and manuscript development.



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