We use lots of different types of evidence to confirm the efficacy and safety of pharmaceutical products and medical devices, from the gold standard of randomised controlled trials to real world evidence gathered by clinicians using the product.  

When we are putting dossiers together, we need to understand how people with the disease are currently treated, where the gaps are and where a new product might sit. This helps us to frame the value proposition and key messages which drive Health Technology Appraisal (HTA) submissions.

We can't get all this information from clinical papers or textbooks, we need to speak to experts in the field, people who treat patients and understand the healthcare agenda.  Talking to experts in this way ensures that the work we do is clinically relevant and reflects current practice. Without experts we wouldn't be able to write such compelling and successful HTA dossiers. ​Thank you to all the experts that we have worked with over the years, your insight has been invaluable.