When we started the business was mainly in Primary Care, working for clients with big blockbusters in cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis. Our work was almost exclusively medical education and helping our clients get their products onto formularies. NICE didn't even exist !

Once NICE (and other HTA bodies) were founded our business changed, we started working more in disease modelling and health economics to support our customers with their HTA needs. The market changed, the big blockbusters began to lose patent protection and pharma began to focus on high cost drugs, primarily in oncology.

Continual cost-containment within the NHS has meant that supporting our customers with HTA submissions and helping them to master market access now forms the majority of our workload. We have learnt new techniques (some of the statistics make my brain fizz) and become expert modellers.

It's still important to tell a story: to understand the disease area, what's happening now, where the gaps are and how a new product can help. A product's story (it's value) runs through everything we do.

We've loved the last 23 years, wonder what's next !