The NICE META tool is an online service that helps medical technology developers optimise their development plans for their medical technology.  The tool was developed by NICE in collaboration with Greater Manchester Academic Health Science Network.
The tool provides a structured framework to help to identify potential gaps in product development plans and plan the steps to bring a product to market. It can be used at any stage of development, from early stage for example planning a value proposition and potential development plans through to sense checking whether all the evidence is there to demonstrate the value  to NICE or any other HTA body or payer.
JB Medical are undergoing training to be a provider of NICE META so that we can help our customers. We are really looking forward to JB Medical receiving the license to provide NICE META services to Medtech, Diagnostics and Digital Health companies.  If you need to identify gaps in your value proposition, understand the clinical pathway, plan for meeting regulatory requirements, collecting clinical effectiveness and cost effectiveness evidence or routes to market, we can help you
Watch this space for registration details!